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Triggers Cricket Club's is a registered nonprofit organization. TCC motive is to bring our community together in Houston. Each individual is different and unique. We talk different languages, we come from different parts of the world with different religion and culture. We as a human race should try to find what is common among us, instead of what separates us. It is amazing how a game called cricket can bring people together and create respect, admiration and affection among one another.

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TCC Taped Ball Tournament Championships
Championship Winners Runners Finals Date TCC Honarary  
2015 Spring Tournament Srilanka Elridge Aug, 08 2015 Jesal Patel Report
2014 Winter Tournament Srilanka ChargersGladiators Mar, 14 2015 Sushil Nadkarni Report
2014 Fall Tournament Spartans Srilanka Oct, 18 2014 Rajeshwari Antani Report
2014 Spring Tournament Spartans Javalinas Jun, 14 2014 Surya Saladi Report
2013 Winter Tournament Cougars Grady Feb, 08 2014 Venkoba Rao Report
2013 Fall Tournament Cougars Sri Lanka Oct, 26 2013 Krishna Sikharam Report
2013 Spring Tournament Grady Sri Lanka Jul, 14 2013 Nataraj Rao Report
2012 Winter Tournament Elridge Sri Lanka Mar, 02 2013 Nanda Kumar Report
2012 Fall Tournament Rattlers Gladiators Oct, 26 2012 Vasanth Patel Report
2012 Spring Tournament Gladiators Rattlers Jul, 08 2012 Masood Ahmed Report
2011 Winter Tournament Elridge Rattlers Mar, 03 2012 Nanda Kumar Report
2011 Fall Tournament Spartans Panthers Oct, 01 2011 Niraj Shah Report
2011 Spring Tournament Rattlers Panthers Jun, 18 2011 Yogesh Patel Report
2010 Winter Tournament Spartans Gladiators Feb, 19 2011 Khalid Nabi Report
2010 Fall Tournament Strikers Cougars Oct, 30, 2010 Herman Geddes Report
2010 Spring Tournament Rockers Rattlers Jul, 31, 2010 Nadir Shah Report
2009 Fall Tournament Spartans JCC Jan, 03, 2010 Cameroon Best  
2009 Summer Tournament Gladiators Stallions Aug, 15, 2009 Sean Chapman Report
2009 Spring Tournament Spartans NWCC Mar, 06, 2009 Satya Dasaraju  
2008 Winter Tournament Rattlers Cougars Jan, 10, 2009 Jitu Patel Report
2008 Summer Tournament Cougars NWCC Oct, 04, 2008 Fayyaz Sarwar Report