Judge Ed Emmet Youth Cup Cricket 2015

A wonderful finale for an exciting Ed Emmet Youth Cup Summer League 2015. Two month long tournament ended with four best teams from U13 and U10 age group fighting it out for that shiny golden Champions trophy. For U13, SLYCC Suns and NWCC Wild Cats won their league games and playoffs to reach the finale. For U10, KYC Falcons and SLYCC Stars won their league games and semi finals to reach the top two teams in U10 age group.
U13 Final was played on the East ground of Paul Rushing Park whereas U10 Final was played on the West ground. There were about 300 spectators on the ground to support these young and prospective cricketers. Young cricketers from all four teams didn’t disappoint the spectators as they played their hearts out for the Champions trophy. Passion and interest to win for their team and coaches were visible in their eyes. It created an exciting cricketing atmosphere, which is normally not present even in adult league.
SLYCC Stars with their disciplined bowling and fielding performance made the U10 final worthy of an exciting finale. KYC Falcons won the game by 31runs with aggressive batting and disciplined bowling attack. KYC won the second successive Summer League Championship.
U13 final was a proof that these young cricketers are ready to compete at any level. NWCC Wild Cats put up an excellent show by their disciplined bowling and fielding. SLYCC Suns again showed their masterclass with great execution of their plan. SLYCC Suns crossed the line and became the Champions in U13 age group. This final was full of excitement with ups and downs of any cricket game and spectators were amazed by the fighting spirit of these young cricketers from both teams.
TCCL thanked their sponsor Harris County Judge Ed Emmet, KPIT and Ms. Jesal Patel for their support for this tournament. Ms. Jesal Patel said that “She was appreciative of such great efforts from TCCL for conducting such great tournament and thank the parents to support their young cricketers and vision of TCCL”. KPIT representative Mr. Mangesh mentioned that “KPIT is very excited to support youth cricket development in Houston and will continue to support it in future as well”. KPIT presented a cheque of $2000 to TCCL President Mr. Nanda on this occasion for future tournament. HCL President Mr. Krishna Kasturi mentioned that “Passion, excitement and interest in these games were much more than HCL games.” TCCL Chairman Mr. Surya Saladi “thanked sponsors, parents and kids for their continued support to the vision of TCCL and for an exciting finale of the second successive Summer League tournament”. Surya also mentioned that “TCCL will soon announce the Hard Ball Coaching and Tournament plans to provide a platform for continued development of youth cricket in Houston”.
U10 Category Tournament Awards:
Best Batsman : Tanay Vyas (SLYCC Stars)
Best Bowler : Prateer Mehta (KYC Falcons)
MVP : Arya Kannantha (KYC Falcons)
U13 Category Tournament Awards:
Best Batsman : Muhammad M. (SLYCC Suns)
Best Bowler : Rishab Patil (KYC Eagles)
MVP : Arham Khan (NWCC Wild Cats)

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